About Us






                HIMEX CORPORATION caters to a wide-range of medical imaging and
                therapy solutions to the Philippine market. With 28 years of experience,
                we are committed to distributing premium quality medical equipments
                and giving excellent customer service through our highly-trained sales
                team. Within our procurement and partnership schemes, we aim to
                make healthcare accessible to all.



2018 PCR-SMC Joint Annual Convention

On August 18, 2018, HIMEX Corporation participated in the 70th Joint Annual Convention which was organised by the PCR-SMC in cooperation with the Philippine Society for Pediatric Radiology.

2017 PUA Annual Convention

HIMEX Corporation continues to dominate the Philippine market as the country’s leading healthcare provider and the pioneer in Healthcare Development Projects.

2017-2018 HIMEX Product Catalogue

As a company distributing one of the widest range of diagnostic imaging equipments in the industry, we are pleased to announce the availability of our general product catalogue for 2017-2018.