Bone Densitometry

AOS-100E EggQus

The foot stand unit adjusts the measurement position according to the examinee's foot size. This enables transmission and reception of ultrasound pulses at the correct calcaneus position.

Makes measurements in approximately three seconds
Short measurement time enables more comfort for elderly examinees and for screenings that require rapid handling.


To stably provide reliable results under a variety of conditions - AOS-100SA embodies our commitment for both functionality and operability.


Voice of our customers made DCS-600EXV anew.

Outstanding accuracy and high speed
Not only does this system offer less stress for examinees, but it also minimizes variation of measurement results which are caused by body movements. The measurement takes only 15 seconds.


Versatility adapting to a wide variety of needs.

DCS-900FX is designed to be used in combination with an X-ray imaging system or a commercialized imaging table.

This allows the DCS-900FX to be installed in an existing X-ray examination room or limited space.

The adjustable system height enables combined use with a variety of different imaging tables.