Hitachi’s next generation image processing technology, “FAiCE-V”, increases both contrast and sharpness of uoroscopic images while reducing noise and after-image.

Moonray Compact

Moonray Compact represents the flexible and adaptable solution, with no limit in surgery performances.


A general radiography system combined with a high performance 50kW inverter type high voltage generator for Radnext50.
 To cope with diversified needs for general radiography, a variety of product lineup are available from a high performance ceiling-mounted rail type tube support to a simple and easy-to use floor-mounted rail type tube support.


The UNIEXPERT is a combination of fluoroscopy, radiography and the new way of thinking. Designed with the ability for completely motorized positioning and high-resolution imaging delivered to you in one unit.

Uniexpert 2 Plus

The UNIEXPERT 2 PLUS is a well-featured radiographic system, available in both analog and digital versions, designed to meet expectations in performance and effectiveness.