AOS-100SA - Portable (For Heel)

AOS-100SA - Portable (For Heel)

Use environments for bone densitometry systems are diverse. AOS-100SA is a system reliable in each environment, from daily examinations to screenings, from the elderly to children, regardless of environment temperature.

To stably provide reliable results under a variety of conditions - AOS-100SA embodies our commitment for both functionality and operability.

Compact size for easy installation in various spaces. Operability focused on usability. Data printing/storage functions. The all-in-one system enables bone densitometry anywhere.

Color LCD Touch Panel
The system can be operated with a color LCD touch panel. Examinations can be easily performed with all necessary functions in a single interface.

Built-in Printer
Examination results can be printed on the spot with the built-in printer. This allos efficient workflow to provide examination results for easy explanation to examinees, immediately after the examination.

Data Memory Function
AOS-100SA can store up to 63,000 measurement results. Examinations can be performed free from capacity concern.


Friendly Design
For both densitometry to be comfortable for both examinees, the open design was introduced into AOS-100SA based on ergonomics in a variety of aspects.

Open Design for a Comfortable Footrest
The open design of the footrest offers comfort for examinees, including optimal heights of the system and chair, and comfortable angles of the ankle and the knee. The examiner can make sure each position is appropriate, while enabling quick throughput from setting to measurement and release.

Gently Hold the Measurement Position with a Single Operation
With a single operation of sliding the lever, the heel position can be fixed easily. The transducer unit interlocked with the lever brings the heel into contact with the membrane at appropriate pressure. Ultrasonic pulse is transmitted and received without loss, enabling stable signal acquisition.

Installable Anywhere
The touch panel operable from any of the four directions allows system layout in diverse environments.


High Performance
Reliable measurement results are quickly provided. Our developed ultrasound technologies support stable bone densitometry with high precision.

Foot Stand Adaptor to Optimize Heel Position
The detachable foot stand adaptors optimise the heel position based on sole length in order to transmit ultrasonic pulses to the appropriate position of the calcaneal bone. Setting the adaptor is very simple, and can easily be placed.

Heel Width Measurement Using Laser
The laser displacement meter measures heel width with outstanding accuracy. Speed of sound is then acquired based on the heel width.

Temperature Correction Function
Measurement errors are minimised by correcting flunctuation in ultrasonic characteristics casued by environmental temperature differences.

Measurement of Changes in Speed of Sound and Ultrasonic Frequency Characteristics
In order to obtain Oseto Sono-assessment Index (OSI), speed of sound and ultrasonic frequence are measured. The synthetics parameter is a comprehensive indicator necessary to understand the bone condition.

Measures in Approx. 2 Seconds
Speedy measurements are essential for smooth examination processing and minimizing physical burden, especially in mass health examinations.

Result Display
Measurement results can be viewed the moment the examination is complete. Necessary parameters are simply displayed.

Reference Values Useful is Various Situations
The system contains standard values for ages 9 years and older. Judgement messages are displayed using reference values.

Data Management Function *Optional
Measurement result in printing and data management can be provided on a PC and dedicated software. The function can also be used for informed consent.