DCS-900FX - X ray Bone Densitometry System (For Whole Body)

DCS-900FX - X ray Bone Densitometry System (For Whole Body)

A compact system with reliable technologies and outstanding usability - this was our aim for development of the X-ray Bone Densitometry System DCS-900FX. High accuracy. Compact. User-friendly. DCS-900FX is our answer obtained after continuous pursuit of more comfortable examination, for both examiner and examinee.

Versatility adapting to a wide variety of needs.

DCS-900FX is designed to be used in combination with an X-ray imaging system or a commercialized imaging table.

This allows the DCS-900FX to be installed in an existing X-ray examination room or limited space.

The adjustable system height enables combined use with a variety of different imaging tables.

Measurements are available for the spine, femur and forearm, which are important areas for bone densitometry measurement.

More comfort realized by space-saving design

Quick measurement
Measurement in the spine can be performed in 40 seconds or of the hipbone in as short a time as 20 seconds. This largely contributes to reduction of the burden on the examinee.

Guideline system for easy positioning
By setting the examinee’s body axis to the guideline and centerline marks on the upper cover, the examinee can easily be positioned with minimum stress.

Instrument status can easily identified by the color of the status indication lamp.

Portable and Friendly design for loading and unloading examinees
Compact design with a 0.72m2 footprint facilitates convenient use under a variety of conditions.
Instrument head can be flip-opened with a press of a button to secure the wide opening for easy loading and unloading of examinees.

High image processing and high-resolution imaging technologies

DCS-900FX accommodates high-voltage output X-ray generator with the compact design. The multichannel detector enables depiction of high-definition images.

BM Stabilizer (bone mineral content stabilizing mechanism) automatically adjusts accuracy for each measurement, enabling accuracy management at a high level.

One pass scan function
Our original wide-angle fan beam technology was adopted to minimize beam distortion and offer more reliable bone densitometry data.

Reporting function

Serial measurement results of multiple regions can be presented in one report.

Simply present just the necessary information.
Friendly understanding is provided for examinees, including the elderly.